About us

Egregore Labs brings data science to the Financial Markets. We provide a suite of next generation tools to assist Capital Market Investors in better managing their process of investment decision making & portfolio management.



  • Hari Balaji: IIT Madras, IIM Ahmedabad alumnus with a decade of experience as a quantitative strategist in front office Capital Markets roles across London, HK & Singapore primarily with Goldman Sachs most recently running Macro derivative solutions for Goldman Sachs in South Asia out of Singapore prior to moving back to India in 2017 to work full time on Egregore.

  • Prashant Vijay: Tulane, ISB alumnus with over a decade of experience in financial services, first as a technologist and later as a trader at Goldman Sachs, across New York and India, followed by a stint at IHS Markit in India managing, building and selling data products to the financial services industry. Subsequently Prashant spent time at few startups before starting to work full-time on Egregore in early 2017.